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AXIS Checkpoint


AXIS Checkpoint

Static Check-In Station - White

Product Code: INOV-AXP0002

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The AXIS Checkpoint provides you a simple solution for setting up a Check-In Station for employees and visitors anywhere you need it.

  • Ideal for static environments
  • Available either black standard powder coat or white antimicrobial powder coat
  • Setup Time: 2-3 minutes
  • Packing: Can be flat packed for travel
  • Can be easily separated into 5 individual assemblies making portability and replacement simple and trouble-free

Components Include:

  • Armor (Non-QR) which contains:
    • A mount for a hand sanitizer soap dispenser (Example: Purell Touchless Dispenser).
    • Mask box holder
    • Glove box holder
  • Axis Worksurface Lite (Shelf and Drawer):
    • Designed to place a laptop on when checking in employees and visitors
    • No lip on front for easy typing
    • Antimicrobial Powder Coat (Agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth)
    • White surface allow easy cleaning
    • Cable Pass Through
    • Combo-Locking Drawer – storage of forehead thermometers, medicines, documents, pens, credential passes and extra supplies
  • AXIS Pedestal Stand:
    • Made from lightweight 6061 T6 machined aluminum
    • Provides 55″ of seamless connectivity for AXIS components
    • Includes a 5/8” Baby Pin at the top, 62” from the ground
    • Measures in at 62” in length, has a footprint of 31”
    • Coated with clear 8625 mil-spec anodizing and either black standard powder coat or white antimicrobial powder coat
AXIS Checkpoint

Static Check-In Station - Black


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